High School Information

Challenged by high academic standards, Loyola High School students are encouraged to reach their God-given potential academically, as leaders,decision-makers and to fulfill their own success and happiness through a Gospel-taught lifetime of service to others.

A four-year faith formation program provides a distinctive dimension to Loyola’s curriculum, making it unique among high schools in the Mankato area. Rooted in the basic teachings of the Catholic Church, students gain greater understanding of the sacraments, develop deeper reverence for God’s Word found in sacred Scripture, and learn to expand their responsibility to act morally and ethically as Christians.

A comprehensive curriculum is offered in Religion, English, Social Studies, Science, Math, World Languages (Spanish & French), Computer Technology, Physical Education and Health, Art, Career/College Preparation, Business and Technology Education, and Music.

Loyola provides advanced placement (AP) course options for students in English, Calculus, Biology, Spanish, and Government. As with students throughout Minnesota, Loyola students are required to pass the Minnesota Basic Standards Tests (Math, Reading and Writing).

Loyola also participates in Minnesota’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program which gives high school juniors and seniors opportunities to take courses, at no charge, full or part-time at; liberal arts, community or technical colleges, universities,or trade schools for high school and college credit.