Intermediate School Information

Loyola Intermediate Grades 4 – 8
Fitzgerald Campus houses grades four through eight and provides a middle school environment and curriculum for seventh and eighth grades. Fitzgerald provides a unique spiritual, physical, social, psychological and educational environment to meet pre-adolescent students’ needs.
Staff nurtures a caring climate that helps each student strengthen his or her faith in God, deepen relationships with Jesus and become more aware of the work of the Holy Spirit in his or her life. Religion is integrated into all aspects of the school day. Weekly student led masses or prayer services give students opportunity to experience the word of God more fully. Intermediate school students are prepared for high school where life, learning and faith are joined.
Academic programs are integrated with Catholic Social Principles, character building, and peace concepts. Curriculum areas for grades four through eight include Religion, Reading, Science, Math, Social Studies, Computer Technology, Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Service to those in need is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. Enrichment opportunities are available through a wide variety of activities, (including but not limited to) Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Basketball, Volleyball, Destination Imagination, and BizTown.