Mr. Biehn


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I have been teaching 7&8 grade Science at Fitzgerald Middle School for 31 years
I have a Coaching Certificate
My Catholic Faith has brought me to this system and keeps me here
I love to hunt and fish
My favorite thing to do is any kind of deer hunting
I graduated from St. Peter High School
I served in The United States Air Force for 4 years

I am married, wife Ann, and have two children, Jeffrey and Molly
I have three grandchildren, Isaac, Evelyn, and Jaime
I am a Lifetime Member of the Minnesota State HIgh School Coaches Association
I am in the Loyola Hall of Fame
I am in the Minnesota State High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
I am an Assistant Baseball Coach at Bethany Lutheran College

Education Background
Attended: Mankato State University
Degree: B.S. degree in Biology with a Broad Science Base

"Do it the right way, because if you're not, you are doing it the wrong way!"