Mrs. Campeau

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I am happy to be teaching at Loyola because I like the positive culture and have been impressed with what my children have learned in their early years as students here. I wanted to be a part of this! I grew up on a farm in Wykoff, MN and milked a lot of cows as a kid. Before coming to Loyola, I taught at Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial for seven years, taught Biology labs as adjunct faculty at MSU for four years, and worked at several greenhouse and landscaping businesses prior to that. Classes that I teach at Loyola include Biology, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Engineering, and Physical Science. I am also the coach for the robotics team and play the piano for weekly masses. My husband Karl and I have two children, Julia and Jacques. Julia is in second grade here at Loyola. She likes art projects and playing with her friends. Jacques is in Kindergarten at Loyola and is a very active boy who is often running and always talking. They both play soccer, have done gymnastics, ski, like swimming in the lake, and are learning to play the piano. When I am not teaching, I like playing the piano, working in my gardens, and stay active by playing volleyball, skiing, and running. I also like to travel and be outdoors.

Education Background
Attended: University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Michigan State University, Mankato State University
Degree: BS in Horticulture, MS in Horticulture, Teaching License