Fair Trade


The Fair Trade Committee is made up of members, and they are able to divide themselves into subcommittees for the various activities throughout the year, which are then put into action. The committee meets two or three times per month.


That this school declare itself to be a Fair Trade School in accordance with the criteria set forth by the Fair Trade Universities Campaign and commits to the following actions:

  1. Lunch Room: The school will work with its food service to make Fair Trade bananas-and other fruit- available in the lunchroom provided carrying said items are fiscally possible.
  2. Sales: The school will carry out sales of Fair Trade products-including chocolate, tea, coffee, and handicrafts-throughout the years as a way to earn money for the people Fair Trade aids; and as a way to educate the community.
  3. Education: Loyola High School commits to educating its students and students at other schools in the surrounding community about Fair Trade, Fair Trade events (community or school-sponsored), and social justice issues involving Fair Trade, to ensure the principles of Fair Trade be well-known and acted out as a community.
  4. Community action: Loyola High School commits to periodically hosting events in the community that raise awareness about Fair Trade and the people who benefit from it.

We Commit to Fair Trade education, awareness-raising and growth of the Fair Trade campaign.

  • Sell products at school events and have them on display at school sites
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, hot cocoa mix, and handicrafts are available for sale at both campuses throughout the year and at certain school sponsored events: Service Fair, parent/teacher conferences, re-enrollment night, kindergarten round-up, home speech tournament, theatrical productions at the Fitzgerald theater
  • Spread general awareness of the Fair Trade cause in our school and community
  • Implement Fair Trade Lessons in Global Awareness Curriculum (Grades K-6), World Language and Religion classes (Grades 9-12) and Spanish classes (Grades 7 & 8 )
  • Fair Trade coffee is used in the cafeteria for all teachers and staff 

Education is vital to the Fair Trade campaign, and it is sometimes difficult to find Fair Trade products available in the community. However, through the continued education of the community, it is our hope that these products will be more readily available. In May of 2012, Fair Trade bananas were made available at one of our leading grocery stores in Mankato, Cub Foods west.