Drop off/Pick up procedures


Morning drop off:
  1. ALL K-12 students that are dropped off by car should be dropped off at door # 3 by the playground. 
  2. Please do not use the road directly in front of the school (the road is named This Way; in front of the main entrance) This road is reserved for bus drop off/pick up per the request of the bus company, and for the safety of our families. 
  3. If you have a preschool student or need to get out of your car to come into school, please park in the main parking lot. Door 2 will be open.
Afternoon pick up:
  1. ALL PreK-12 students that are picked up in the afternoons should use door 
    #3 by the playground. 
  2. We would like parents to utilize the whole curb length during pick up time. If you see an opening you feel you can pull into along the curb…please do!
  3. If you are waiting in the line of cars, please be watching for a spot so you can keep the line moving.
  4. Students are only allowed to enter cars that are pulled up to the curb; students will not be allowed to enter your car if you are in the outside lane.
  5. For those who are unaware, PreK parents do need to get out of their vehicle to pick up their child and to help buckle-in, but teachers work hard to keep those friends moving along quickly. 
  6. Any parents who would like to get out of their vehicle to chat with a teacher or another parent, please park in the parking lot and walk over. Door 2 will be open.
  7. Please drive slowly and be on the lookout for cars pulling out and students getting into vehicles; this helps to keep everyone safe! 
  8. Our preference is that students get into your vehicle on the passenger side, rather than walking around into the road while cars are moving. If this is not possible, please be extra careful when your child is getting into your vehicle.
  9. Students will be kept inside door #3 during inclement weather (rain, extreme cold, etc) Please be patient as teachers do their best to pair students with the correct vehicles.
  10. Please be sure to pass this note along to grandparents, family, friends, or daycare providers who may also be picking up your child.

For a printable version, click here.

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