Attendance Policy

Attendance, Absence, Health

Regular attendance and academic progress go hand-in-hand. Attendance is the responsibility of both parent/guardian and student. Students are expected to attend all classes and required school functions.A student’s absence from school interferes with his or her academic progress.

Minnesota Law defines education neglect as seven (7) unexcused absences from school.
1. If a student is absent or tardy from school seven (7) days without a reasonable excuse, a letter of concern will be sent home requesting a meeting to resolve the attendance problem.

2. If a student continues to be absent or tardy for seven (7) days without a reasonable excuse, parents/guardians will be notified that LCS will begin the process of truancy.

3. Absences beyond seven (7) days must be excused by a parent/guardian and medical personnel. Failure to do so will be viewed as unexcused and a referral to Child Protection will be made. If a student is ill and will not be attending school, parents/guardians must call before 8:00AM. Parents/guardians may leave a message on school voice mail at any time during the night or early morning hours before staff is available.

Families will be contacted if their student is absent and a call has not been received by 8:30AM. Please call the Attendance Line to report an absence:
507-386-5312. Students who are feverish or vomiting, at a contagious stage of strep throat, have head lice or pink eye should not be sent to school. If these symptoms develop during the school day you will be called to pickup your child immediately. When returning after a period of absence, arriving late or leaving school early, students must have a note signed by their parents/guardians and check in and out of the school office. Students must make up any missed assignments. Unless specifically excused by written consent of a physician, all students will participate in regular education classes, including physical education class and recess.