Loyola Volunteer Team

Contact Email: hsa@loyolacatholicschool.org

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1573167612991574/

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Co-Presidents: Sarah Odegard and Stephanie Wright
Treasurer: Amber Brudelie
Secretary: Jen Walls
Spirit Shop: Kim Moore
Administrative Liaison: Adam Bemmels


The LCS Home & School Parent Association is comprised of current LCS Student Parents and Guardians. All are welcomed and encouraged to get engaged!

Monthly Meetings

The Home & School Parent Association will meet:

The Loyola Catholic School Volunteer Team’s Purpose: The LCS Home & School Parent Association was created to foster an environment for shared ownership of our school community by promoting good will, cooperation, and communication between families, school staff, administration, and the Greater Mankato Area community.

The LCS Volunteer Team’s goal: To assist LCS families, leadership and staff by:

The LCS Volunteer Team does not:

Meeting Minutes:

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September, 2016