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Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. At Loyola, it’s about more than providing a quality education. It’s about teaching students to be self-motivated and giving them the tools to be successful leaders in their careers, churches and communities.  It’s about building character and teaching our children how to live with integrity and values fundamental to living a generous and meaningful life.

Here at Loyola Catholic School…

  • All students are provided with a safe and peaceful learning environment.
  • We offer small class sizes with more student/teacher contact.
  • Over 97% of our high school graduates attend a post-secondary school.
  • We consistently have State Tournament participants in fine arts and athletics.
  • Students from grades 3 through 12 participate annually in regional and state science fairs.
  • We encourage a lifetime commitment to service for the betterment of society.
  • Over 90% of our high school student body participates in at least one extra-curricular activity.
  • We lead through example, and we challenge our students to make a difference in the world.

Would your child thrive in this kind of atmosphere?  Are these some qualities you are looking for in a school?  In the LCS community, our parents, school and parishes work together to create a valuable Catholic education.  We are committed to helping all students achieve their full potential.  We welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds to experience the comprehensive education of mind, body and spirit.

Our curriculum focus for the coming years will reflect the need for an exceptional math and science curriculum and the integration of technology in all subject areas.  We will continue to teach the strong reading and writing curriculum that has earned us the highest test scores of any school in southern Minnesota.  True to who we are at Loyola, we will continue to keep God at the center of all we do.

For enrollment information, please contact (507) 386-5399,

Loyola Catholic School Infographic