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Specialist Classes
  • PE (2-3 times weekly with recess on non PE days). Our gym teacher helps with exercises, running, games, sportsmanship and building gross motor skills
  • Music (2-3 times weekly). Our music teacher leads us in songs, actions, learning to read notes and rests, and understanding tone, tempo, and volume.
  • Library (Weekly). Our media specialist helps us find books, learn about different genres, enjoy reading, and teaches us to use technology through fun apps and games.
  • Art (weekly). Our “real artist” teacher makes learning about art so much fun through creative painting, drawing, and coloring projects
  • STREAM (Weekly). Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math. In this hands-on class, students enjoy project based learning in a variety of different areas. 
  • Counseling (twice a month). Our counselor teaches us about emotions and social skills.
  • Uniforms
    • Pants: Navy blue or khaki twill uniform style pants 
    • Shorts: Navy blue or khaki twill uniform style shorts
    • Jumper: Plaid #57 from Donaldson Uniform company, Plain navy blue or khaki jumper
    • Skorts/Skirts: Plaid #57 from Donaldson Uniform company or any navy or khaki skort
    • Shirts: Must have a collar
      • Long or short sleeve polo, white or navy blue in color
      • Long or short sleeve turtleneck, white or navy blue in color
    • Sweaters: Navy blue and white sweaters are acceptable
    • Sweatshirts: School branding only - Loyola sweatshirts (blue, gold, gray, white, navy, black) may be worn with uniforms; other non-Loyola sweatshirts will not be permitted.
    • Socks: White, or navy blue, also #57 ankle socks, navy or white tights or leggings are acceptable
    • Shoes: Athletic shoes may be worn for everyday uniform. No open heel or open toe shoes
      • Students need to have two pairs of shoes – a pair to wear and a spare for indoor wear only.
    • All clothing is considered open purchase except the plaid jumpers and skorts, which must be purchased through the designated uniform company.
    • Optional items: Belt, Sweater, Sweatshirt, and Shorts
  • Where can I get uniforms? Donaldson Uniforms, Old Navy, Lands End, Walmart, etc. 

If you will be dropping off or picking up your child from school we have a map to guide your way. If your child will be riding the bus, contact us today to get a bus form (507) 388-0600. Bussing is provided for all Loyola student via the ISD77 bussing system.



Kindergarten Supply List


Reading: The Superkids Reading Program by Zaner Bloser, offers research based reading/language arts instruction in an engaging and systematic way to ensure success. First semester, students are introduced to the Superkids, characters their own age, who lead them through letter knowledge and phonological awareness activities. Your child will talk about the Superkids as if they are  classmates in the room! Each unit focuses on a letter sound, while using knowledge from previous units to begin blending sounds and reading words. In the second semester, students begin the Superkids Club portion of the program, where they continue to build phonics skills, work on the mechanics of reading and writing, and read for enjoyment. The Superkids offers leveled readers so your child can read at his/her level: easy, on level, or challenging. Students also use the online app for practicing skills and taking unit assessments. 

Math: Primary Mathematics uses the Singapore math method of instruction. Teachers supplement the curriculum with hands-on activities, small group independent learning, and IXL Math components that are aligned to the Minnesota State Standards.

Religion: Loyola uses the Image of God series published by Ignatius Press. This curriculum stresses the dignity of each child made in God's image. It presents the faith in terms children can understand. We use many Bible stories and activities to reinforce concepts of the Catholic faith. Beginning in October, we attend weekly Mass. Children have the chance to plan and participate in Mass once or twice a year. 

Social Studies:
Kindergartners learn about being a citizen in their classroom, local community, state, country and the world.  Map skills and a special unit about the great state of Minnesota help students learn about where we live and why we love it here. We visit the past, celebrate the present with special Holy days, holidays, traditions, and customs, and imagine the future.  Voting and making choices help us understand how our government works and how decisions can be made fairly.  

We learn about the world God created by studying weather and the effects of the sun on the Earth.  Students read, write about, discuss and do projects to learn how living and nonliving things function and interact like plants, animals and humans.  We investigate forces of pushes, pulls, and gravity as well as experiment with simple machines to-do tasks.

  • Birthday Masses, each month all K-6 birthdays are celebrated at a special Mass with a blessing and donations from birthday children to Echo Food Shelf
  • ABC Bootcamp Fashion Show
  • All School Mass tradition to process out with the high school seniors to an all school picnic lunch.
  • Singing the National Anthem at the Homecoming football game with the high school seniors
  • Prayer Partners monthly gatherings with friends from all grade levels
  • Advent Baby Shower for Jesus
  • Catholic Schools Week when we attend Mass, have faith-filled fun activities and participate in a service project via a community donation
  • 100th Day of School
  • Lent observations and learning true meaning of Holy Week and Easter
  • Field Trip to Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota
  • Kindergarten Spring Program
  • End of the year Field Day  
National Anthem with Seniors
ABC Bootcamp


CONNECTIONS with School Sister of Notre Dame

  • Mass with SSND in their historical chapel.
  • SSND Sisters love to help in our classrooms.
  • Weekly All School Newsletters from the Principal
  • Teacher connections via See Saw
  • FACTS (school information system)