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Following a curriculum in accordance with state and national standards, our teachers are committed to providing each Loyola student with a unique and challenging classroom environment.

Our small class sizes provide the opportunity to address the learning styles and strengths of each of our students. The views of each child are expressed. Critical thinking skills are encouraged, practiced and polished, as the small group setting allows time for that.

At Loyola, each classroom teacher is responsible for teaching the majority of academic subjects. These subjects include: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Religion.

In addition to the subject areas listed above, students in grades K – 5 enjoy a number of Specialist classes that include: Physical Education, Music, Library, Art, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Our K-5 classrooms are equipped with 1:1 iPads used as academic tools to enhance the classroom experience.

Elementary students attend Mass weekly, a way to strengthen their spirituality and explore their faith with their peers. Masses are lead by our elementary students, which creates an opportunity to sharpen leadership and public speaking skills from an early age.