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Tuition & Fees 
  • Tuition Payment Plan Choices: ($25 charge for 1 or 2- time payments, or $55 for 10 or 12- month plans) 
    1 payment
    2 payments
    10 monthly payments
    12 monthly payments
  • Technology Fee- $50 per student annually


Preschool/PreK Morning Watch 2023-2024 
$20/week or $80/month 

After School Care (Clubhouse) 2023-2024 
Flat Rate (up to 13.75 hours/week) - $180/month/child
Drop in (1 week in advance) - $25/day/child
2:50pm to 5:30pm on school days only 
Preschool - 6th grade 

Summer Clubhouse 2023-   
Full time - $175/week/child
Drop in - $50/day/child
Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm 
Preschool - 6th grade 

Continuous Enrollment Policy

An efficient and seamless process for re-enrollment. Any student enrolled in Kindergarten through 11th grade is continuously enrolled until graduation at Loyola, or until their family completes the opt-out procedure. Preschool students will re-enroll yearly in December until their Kindergarten year. 

Cost to Educate

Loyola is proud to maintain its legacy of providing education to so many regardless of financial circumstances. Thanks in part to Loyola alumni and friends who are generous with their support, Loyola is proud to continue its tradition of making high-quality, Catholic education affordable for all who seek it.

If you have questions, please contact (507) 386-5399,

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