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Loyola’s secondary (7-12) curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive, designed to prepare students to succeed in life beyond high school.

Classes consist of the core academics of science, mathematics, social studies, and English. Students can choose from elective courses to fill their schedules.

With the use of laptops and iPads, Loyola teachers work with students to integrate technology into all daily subjects. All students have their own laptop to use throughout the school year. 

Beyond academics, secondary students are challenged to be respectful and accountable citizens who are leaders in their school, church, and community. Loyola students are required to perform service hours each year, be mentors to their younger “Prayer Partners”, and model our mission statement and our four pillars- faith, academic excellence, leadership, and service- for our younger students.

Secondary students attend Mass in our school's chapel.  Each class takes a turn planning Mass; thus strengthening their individual spirituality and experiencing their faith among their peers.