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Loyola Catholic School took a bold step in the fall of 2009 with the implementation of a 1:1 computer initiative for grades 7-12 students. The opportunity for every student in these grade levels to have a laptop computer and the availability of wireless networks creates a one of a kind learning and teaching environment for students in the Mankato area. In 2019, all student computers were replaced with new generation computers.

Numerous studies on the impact of technology on student achievement clearly show the benefits of using computers and other technology in teaching and learning:

  • Student test scores increase
  • Student productivity rises
  • Students write more – and more effectively
  • Student engagement increases
  • Attendance rates rise

Achievement of these benefits, however, requires more than just the acquisition of computers; software; high-speed wireless networks; and peripherals. Rather, they are the result of education leaders, faculty and IT professionals understanding how to put these valuable tools to work in ways that have been proven to affect student achievement.

Many factors influence success – including ready access by students and educators to computers and the Internet; professional development for educators and curriculum developers; and comprehensive initiatives aimed at aligning technology with instructions, curriculum, and assessment. The most successful educational institutions build and grow a technology infrastructure that directly supports teaching and learning.

Today’s generation of students expects an interactive learning environment that integrates the latest digital tools, accommodates a mobile lifestyle, adapts to individual learning styles, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. And education leaders, faculty, and IT professionals require technology that works in a multi-platform world, offers rock-solid reliability and security, and delivers proven value.

All students in grades K through 12 are issued a device preparing them for the day when they have technology at their fingertips at school and at home from the first day of school to the last. For grades K-5, each student has an assigned iPad that is kept in the classroom. In grades 6-8, students are issued a Lenovo Chromebook, and 9-12 students are issued a MacBook Air. Additionally, our youngest learners in Preschool and PreK share a bank of iPads to introduce them to technology.