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Loyola Catholic School offers a hot lunch program that provides fresh, wholesome, nutritious and delicious food that helps teach healthy messages to kids.  Students are also welcome to bring a lunch from home.

September 2020
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
*6-12 Pizza Fruit Bar,Vegetable Bar dessert & Milk
*PS-5 Pizza,Fruit&Veggie Bar,Dessert & Milk
*6-12 Chicken Tenders,Tator Tots,Fruit,Vegetabel Bar & Milk
*PS- 5 Chicken Tenders,Tator Tots,Fruit & Veggie Bar& Milk
*6-12 All Beef Hot Dog ,Chips,Fruit,Vegetable,Milk
*PS-5 All Beef Hot Dog Chips,Fruit & Veggie Bar,Milk
What makes a reimbursabel meal? We offer 5 componuts at lunch student must take a fruit and / or a vegetable with 2 other items
Menus are subject to change due to availability.
*6-12 Pancake on a Stick, Syrup,Hash Brown,Fruit &Vegetable Bar&Milk
*PS-5 Pancake on a Stick,Hash Brown,Fruit&Veggie Bar&Milk
*6-12 Hamburger,Bun,Corn Chps,Salsa,Fruit &Vegetable Bar,Milk
*PS-5 Hamburger,Bun,Corn Chips,Fruit&Veggie Bar,Milk
*6-12 French Bread Pizza ,Fruit Bar,Vegetable Bar,Dessert & Milk
*PS-5 French Bread Pizza,Fruit&Veggie Bar,Dessert,Milk
*6-12 ChickenPatty,Bun,Potato Puff,Fruit&Veggie Bar&Milk
*PS-5 Chicken Patti,Bun,Potato Puff.Fruit,Veggie Bar,Milk
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
2nd Entrees are available for additional cost of $2.15 for grades 6-12.
Sandy Bach Food Services Manager 507-388-0612
Price PK-5 $3.00 6-12 $3.15 Staff $3.95
Preschool serves 1% milk
Lunch prices for 2020-21:
  • PK-4: $3.00
  • 5-12: $3.15
  • Adult: $3.95